Legacy Matters

Tickle Burger

We are a small group of legacy growers situated in the City of Lakes, Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

With over 20 years of experience cultivated in the West and brought home to the East, our focus is and always has been premium quality cannabis.

Legacy growers cultivating  quality cannabis products for cannabis connoisseurs.

Hang Dried | Hand Trimmed | Slow Cured | Hand Weighed | Hand Packaged

Where to buy

We are launching a Patient Portal for online medicinal purchases soon.

In the meantime, we invite you to shop our products through our partners below, including Saskatchewan Retail Cannabis Stores.

‘All patients and recreational consumers deserve enjoyable quality products at affordable prices. Since inception, this has been our foundation. We will continue to deliver on this promise without exception.’

Legacy Matters

Contact Us

If you have questions about EastCann, our exceptional Cannabis, are looking for information on direct medical sales, or if you are a medical patient or connoisseur with questions on where to find our products locally, please connect with us.

Email: info@eastcann.ca

Phone: 902-932-8584 (please listen to our menu to help direct your call accordingly)

Connect with us on social: